The Story of The Brand

The traditional creative process breaks down when the team is not on the same page. Changing strategy. Client comments buried in emails. Revised scripts. And who knows where to reference the last campaign? Built by brand builders for brand builders, Kronickle modernizes the process by creating a place the whole agency can converge. It provides the latest story of the brand, and the history to back it up.



Brief Management

Coordinated change.
  • Immediately notify project collaborators when changes are made
  • Quickly reference old briefs when projects renew
  • Customized to match your existing strategic brief

The Wall

Your digital war room.
  • Personalized macro view of all projects
  • Real-time dashboard of project status and recently submitted work
  • User-specific prompts on action items and approvals

Project Pages

Everyone’s project hub.
  • Track briefs, presentations, comments, approvals, deliverables, credits, project statuses, collaborators, and talent rights all in one place
  • Foster inter-departmental transparency
  • Holographic view of the project from start to finish

WIP Review

Create beautiful presentations.
  • Agency branded presentations for approvals, comments, and final delivery
  • Transcode full pro-res files on-the-fly to save time
  • Preview PDF, PSD, AI, SVG, TIFF, EPS, Word, Excel, and PPT files

Employee Credits

Assemble your dream team.
  • Easily identify an individual’s past projects, campaigns and brand expertise
  • Improve employee engagement and recognize contributions
  • Team members automatically generate an agency portfolio

Talent Rights

Stay on top of music and talent rights.
  • Centralized access to usage rights, invoices, and contracts
  • Customizable expiration settings and contract details
  • Automated expiration email reminders


Your DAM. Automated.
  • Final assets automatically publish to the Asset Library
  • Auto-generated asset detail pages: final scripts, briefs, talent rights, credits, file information and more
  • Powerful search engine accesses work with keywords and metadata


All-in-One Solution

Kronickle combines project management, digital asset management, and company culture-building tools into one single ecosystem. This eliminates the disconnected and time-consuming experience of daisy-chaining multiple applications.

For Brand Builders

Designed and developed by brand builders for brand builders. Kronickle addresses the specific processes and logistical challenges agencies and brands face in creating, managing and sharing assets quickly and efficiently.

Transparent & Collaborative

From creative to account services to legal, Kronickle is designed to serve the entire agency — not just one department. Not all collaborators and key decision-makers have the same life-span on a project, so Kronickle provides up-to-date information to anyone who needs it.

Employee Engagement

Replacing great talent is tough. Kronickle makes it easier for agencies and creative teams to transfer brand expertise when on-boarding new team members. Kronickle also allows you to recognize and celebrate employee contributions.

Share Work Effortlessly

Kronickle is designed to retain the original quality of all videos, documents, and images. Files can be previewed, reducing the need to download them first. Kronickle transcodes on-the-fly, so there’s no need to compress video files, allowing clients to view HD video in its full glory.

Security in the Cloud

Kronickle is committed to protecting your data and users. Our platform is designed to protect you from threats by applying security controls at every layer of our application so that you can focus on the creative.

See Kronickle in Action

Kronickle is currently only available for enterprise-level customizations. Our SaaS solution for smaller agencies and brands is coming soon!